Editorial programme

The editorial programme of EL COLEGIO MEXIQUENSE has more than 250 titles, accomplishing in this way the spreading of knowledge of the social sciences and humanities. They are the result of high quality academic research and their main areas include history, with a particular emphasis on Mexican and regional historiography, as well as the reproduction of codices, such as the Techialoyan series; education; anthropology; economy, religion, urban and regional planning; demography and public policies, among other.

The Documentos de Investigación series seeks to disseminate the work of different researchers and open the door to discussions with the interested readers. This series has currently 67 dossiers. On the other hand, the Documentos de Discusión sobre el tercer sector series communicates the texts originated from the Interdisciplinary Programme for the Studies on the Third Sector, having currently 18 numbers. The series Documentos de Discusión sobre el nuevo Institucionalismo has published three numbers to date.

In terms of periodicals, the Economía, Sociedad y Territorio Journal is a communication organ of rigorous academic essays and the Gazette of Social Sciences and Humanities of EL COLEGIO MEXIQUENSE is a forum of academic journalism that gives information about the accomplished activities of the institution, including supplements and texts discussing diverse subjects to stimulate intellectual reflection.

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